About Our Tequila

Blue Iguana Tequila Blanco, Repsado and Añejo. Special Edition Catrina Blanco and Reposado.

In our distillery, we combine old fashioned traditions with modern efficiency to achieve the character and quality of Blue Iguana Tequila. We still use time-honored slow-baking brick ovens and auto-claves to cook the blue agave hearts and traditional mills to extract the thick honey. Our fermentation is pure, using only naturally occurring yeast. The evaporation and subsequent condensation of the liquid takes place in classic “pot stills,” rather than in the flavor neutralizing “distillation columns” favored by many of the larger producers.

Blue Iguana Tequila has all the attributes, elements and notability of a premium artisanal tequila …one hundred percent blue agave, double distilled, kosher, and barrel-aged in hand made bottles. Our tequila catalog includes: Blue Iguana blanco, reposado and añejo  tequila. We also have flavor profile called the Catrina Edition, which has a blanco and reposado.

Our Catrina edition reposado took the highest award of the SIPS - platinum. Tequila.net named both our Blue Iguana blanco and reposado "best of the best." Our blanco also took bronze in the SIPS.

To learn more about our tequila, take a brief tour through our photo galleries, including the Distillation Process, the Manufacturing Process and the Harvest Story.