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Whiskey or Tequila?

Those Millennials have done it again. Obsessed with their pop culture and electronics, Millennials are proving to be a trend altering generation. Millennials, also known as Generation Y or the next generation, are a generation pumped up on the internet, designer parties and being the next big thing. They desire to live like the stars do, or at least take a photo that makes it seem that way. And living like a star means only the best of the best for what you’re drinking at the bar that night. And it seems that young adults in Mexico are choosing whiskey for that aspiration.

For a very long time, tequila and mezcal dominated the liquor field in Mexico. Home to the agave plant, Mexico has been deemed the official home for all things tequila. Mexicans have been enjoying the liquored treats of the agave plant for a very long time. But a recent study has shown whiskey growing in exponential popularity in Mexico. American owned company, Brown Foreman, just recently boasted that Mexico has risen to be Jack Daniel’s top market for sales. Euromonitor International reported that by 2015 consumption of whiskey in Mexico had grown 86% from the year 2010 while tequila and mescal only increased by a measly 15.1 percent in the same time. Tequila sales still trump whiskey sales over all but that may not be for much longer if the trend continues.

Either more millennials are going out than their older counterparts or all the tequila sales are being hidden in Mexico. Mark Strobel, a research analyst at Euromonitor International concludes that the growing popularity of whiskey amongst younger adults in Mexico comes from the idea that “the consumption of this drink is an aspirational position of status and sophistication, it is generally more expensive than tequila but there is also more variety of economic whiskey “. The analyst at Euromonitor has already projected whiskey sales increase by 8.5 percent, while tequila and mezcal push a smaller 3 percent.

We did a little of our own research and asked people in the town of San Miguel, GTO Mexico , a town with a statistically older population vs. Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico, a town flooded with college students and a generally younger aged population. More residents of SMA preferred Tequila while Guanajuato had a wider range of presences leaving no certain choice strikingly dominant to another. But it seemed that adults closer to the millennial generation were not as keen on drinking tequila.

Apparently whiskey has that something special that younger drinkers desire for their image - too bad the hangovers are twice as bad compared to tequila. But hey, they are Millennial, they’ll learn the hard way just like we did. Tequila may be losing the title of Mexico’s most consumed liquor, but we don't mind. Just more agave for us.