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Tequila Lime Shrimp on the Grill: A Perfect Party Pleaser

Of course, here at Blue Iguana Tequila, we enjoy languidly sipping our tequila while feeling relaxed and classy in the bar ...but, we also relish letting ourselves loose while treating our friends and loved ones to spunky and exciting recipes at fiestas!  

Tequila is an incredibly versatile substance.  It’s not just for drinking!  There are a variety of different recipes that include high quality blue agave tequilas and it’s not difficult to find pieces that gracefully fit with Blue Iguana Tequila in ways that are as impressive as they are tasty.   

So, for your next fiesta, I hope that you feel inspired to adventure into the imaginative world of tequila cuisine and show off your tequila skills with a recipe that will arouse and motivate even the lamest of party-goers. 

Tequila and Lime shrimp skewers

•    2 Tbsp of lime juice
•    2 Tbsp of Blue Iguana Tequila
•    ¼ cup olive oil
•    1 pinch of  garlic salt
•    I pinch of ground cumin
•    Ground black pepper to taste
•    1 lb of large peeled and deveined shrimp
(That’s ALL of the ingredients!! How simple is that!??)


To Prepare: 

•    Whisk together the lime juice, tequila, olive oil, garlic salt, cumin, and black pepper all in one bowl until they are blended well.  Pour this into a refrigerator safe plastic zip-lock bag and add the shrimp, seal well and rotate, flip and turn that bag around until all of your shrimp is coated evenly and then put in the refrigerator for one to four hours before grilling.

•    Soak skewers for 30 minutes in water to prevent them from burning.

•    Preheat outdoor grill to a medium-high heat.  Lightly oil the grill grate and place about 4 inches from the heat source.

•    Drain and discard marinade (or keep for basting during cooking) from the shrimp.  Thread the shrimp onto the skewers (5-6 per skewer depending on size. You want a little space between them)

•    Cook uncovered, on preheated frill until shrimp turn pink, turning once.  This should all take about 5-7 minutes (that’s quick, right!?)

•    Serve with lime wedges and of Course pair this first course with a drink made with Blue Iguana Tequila!

This recipe has got to be a favorite of mine, and is an incredibly easy, but sophisticated, piece with only a 10 minute prep time!

Feeling the heat? Freshen up

With a little bit longer prep time, but absolutely worth the effort, is a side dish that will pair perfectly with your tequila and lime shrimp skewers: 

Grilled Peach and Mozzerela Salad 


•    5 Peaches
•    3 green onions sliced
•    ¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro
•    3 Tbsp of honey
•    1 tsp salt
•    1 tsp lime zest
•    ½ cup fresh squeezed lime juice
•    ¾ tsp ground cumin
•    ¾ tsp chili powder
•    1 ½  Tbsp Blue Iguana Tequila
•    1/3 cup olive oil
•    Vegetable cooking spray
•    1 (6oz) package of watercress or baby arugula washed thoroughly
•    ¾ lbs mozzarella cut into 16 (1/4 inch) slices
•    garnish with cilantro 

To Prepare 

•    Peel and chop 1 peach. Cut remaining 4 peaches into 28 (14 inch thick) rounds, cutting through the stem and bottom ends (cut peaches inward from sides cutting each until you reach the pit, then discard all pits).
•    Process chopped peach, green onions and all of the next 7 ingredients.  Add tequila as well and put into a food processor for 10-15 seconds, or until smooth.  Add oil, and pulse  3-4 times or until thoroughly combined.
•    Coat cold cooking grate of the grill with cooking spray and place on the grill.  Preheat to 350 - 400 degrees F (medium-high) brush both sides of peach rounds with 1/3 cup of the peach dressing you prepared.
•    Grill peach rounds, covered with grill lid, over medium-high heat, 3-5 minutes on each side, or until grill marks appear.
•    Arrange watercress or arugula evenly on 4 plates.  Alternately layer 4 grilled rounds with 4 cheese slices over the greens of your choosing.  Top each with 3 more peach rounds and drizzle the remaining peach dressing.  
•    Garnish with cilantro if desired. 


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