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Match Made in Tequila!

We have finally found the perfect matchmaker! No, not for your love life ...unless you’re in love with tequila. Which is totally acceptable in our opinion (we may be a little biased).

Grover and Scarlet of have spent the last few years in Mexico picking the brains ofindustry experts in order to present you tequila lovers with an app to help your drinking needs.  There are several types of Tequila produced every year with their own distinctive tastes and qualities. Like a kid in Willy Wonka’s candy store , one could easily become overwhelmed by the wonderful world of tequila. With the help of this app, you will better be able to navigate your tequila purchases for you and your amigo’s taste buds.

Based on their webpage, the app is filled not only with brands of tequila, but also bars and retail stores where you can find specific tequilas in stock. Most of the data in regards to kinds of tequila come from the CRT, professionally known as the Tequila Regulatory Council; the CRT is the official office and end all be all for tequila. The rest of the data comes from every day tequila drinkers, like us and yourself. So, if you ever notice your favorite drink is not listed on the app don’t hesitate to let someone from the app know so they can be sure to add it, even specialty restaurants can have their establishments listed within the app…sorry your kitchen counter is not considered acceptable material.

The app is similar to a tequila diary that draws conclusions. The more info you give the app to use based on your preferences the more accurate the app becomes when suggesting a tequila for you. If you are a true enthusiast never forget to whip out the app ANYTIME you try a new tequila, rate it based on your personal experience and eventually the app will widen up to your tastes and help suggest the best tequila for you.

Honestly, we are wishing this was around during our college days , would have made frat parties a lot easier, but we are thankful it’s around today. Don’t forget to download the app for free and whip it out the next time your at the local cantina. You’ll thank yourself later.