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An Iguana's Recipe for the Juan Collins

While the Juan Collins may be a new name to you, the Tom Collins has been around for a long time. If you like a Collins, but also like tequila, we have just the thing for you. Using a high quality, 100% Blue Agave tequila (like Blue Iguana Tequila …we’re just saying …) the Collins recipe is a perfect accent to let the smooth spirit shine through. What we’re talking about is the Juan Collins, a tasty beverage whose recipe we’ll bestow upon you after a little jaunt into the past.

The Tom Collins first appeared in all its simplistic glory in Jerry Thomas’ famous “Bartender’s Guide,” published in 1874. Apart from being America’s father of mixology, Jerry Thomas was pretty much awesome. He named the drink after a fellow named Tom Collins, who was quite famous in 1874, and absolutely didn’t exist. The hoax went something like this.

Joker:  Have you seen Tom Collins?

Idiot:  I don’t know him.

Joker:  Oh, because he sure knows you.

Idiot:  What are you talking about?

Joker:  Well, he called you an idiot.

Idiot:  What?!

Joker:  Yeah, he called your wife a fat ass too.

Idiot:  Where is this guy? I’m going beat his teeth in!

Joker:  I just saw him at the bar around the corner.

Idiot storms out with veins popping out of his forehead and fist clenched to find the smack-talking Tom Collins. All the people in the bar laugh at what an idiot that idiot was. It was a class-act bar joke from the late 1800’s. But it went farther than the barflies. It actually appeared in several newspaper articles, called “Tom Collins sightings.” 

So, how do we translate this classic recipe to tequila? It’s easy: 3 parts Blue Iguana Tequila Blanco, 1 part lemon juice (fresh is always best), 1 part superfine sugar, and 6 parts club soda. Start by pouring the tequila, lemon juice and sugar into a Collins glass (the tall, skinny kind) over ice. Stir the concoction. Top it off (or rather fill it up) with club soda.