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Sangrita, Verdita or Both?

Here in Mexico a shot of tequila is never a shot. (I know! I know! Are we ever going to shut up about that?) If you come to visit us, you’ll see it’s true. Your caballito must be sipped and generally comes with two accompaniments: lime juice and sangrita. This makes the “banderita” or little flag. Sangrita, which literally translates as “little blood,” is a tomato-based, spicy juice similar to a Bloody Mary Mix (if you’re from the south.) However, recently we, here at Blue Iguana, have been hipped to a tequila compliment which hails from Southern Mexico (we like things from the south, you know) called Verdita.

Verdita translates as “little greenie” and it actually replaces the lime juice to make a more complete Mexican flag. While straight lime juice has a yellowish-green color, this zesty concoction is truly verdant. Interestingly enough, this zesty bad boy is meant to be shot, but before you sip your caballito. So the order goes: verdita, tequila, sangrita, and a short “woot” or other celebratory shout of some sort. 

The verdita consists of cilantro, mint, jalapeño, and pineapple juice. It’s fresh; it’s spicy; and it’s not a tough recipe to make. What does this mean to you my lovely readers? It means your tequila-loving-ass needs to make some. Then you’ll impress your friends with the tasty beverage rooted in Mexican tradition. You can boast you’ve invited tequila to the party along with its two best friends. And when they ask what the hell you’re talking about, you can proceed to impress them with the tart, fiery goodness of the verdita, followed by a swig of Blue Iguana Tequila, and a splash of hearty, spicy sangrita.