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Mexicans Are Staying in Mexico


We like Mexico. In fact, I bet if you lived here you’d like it too (not that I’m inviting you to visit, mind you. I have a really tiny sofa.) The funny thing is that the United States is convinced that Mexican people don’t like Mexico, or at least don’t want to stay here. However recent statistics have turned that argument on its head. “No one wants to hear it, but the flow has already stopped,” Mr. Massey, co-director of the Mexican Migration Project at Princeton, recently said.  “For the first time in sixty years, the net traffic has gone to zero and is probably a little bit negative.”

So not only have Mexicans stopped heading to the states, some of the ones who are there are coming back. Despite the immigration smack-down, the bum economy and hapless shootouts at the border, the US government still thought millions would cross the border illegally. Considering the numbers fallen from 525,000 annually in 2000-04 to 100,000 in 2010, I would go ahead and call them wrong. Why go north? What’s the incentive (we’ve got the tequila right here)? Mexicans are more educated, making the risk (and even the pay) not quite worth it. Let’s face it. The US isn’t the cash cow it once was. In an interview with the New York Times Angel Orozco who is currently earning his degree in industrial engineering at the new technological institute in Jalisco, Mexico, said, “I’m not going to go to the States because I’m more concerned with my studies.” 

If you’d like more info on this subject, take a look at the New York Times article, “Better Lives for Mexicans Cut Allure of Going North,” or the New York Post article, “What if the Mexicans stop coming?”

For quite some time Mexico has been seen as a country riddled with poverty while also a perfect vacation spot for the natural beauty of its beaches and colonial towns and its cheap …well, everything. However, over the last 10 years Mexico has been on the up and up with and significantly larger middle class. The last Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, said, “On the economic front, our country is doing well. Mexico is a nation that is advancing and advancing with confidence in its future.”