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Iguanas at the Alborada

The Alborada is one of the many amazing parties of San Miguel de Allende, where our office is located. San Miguel is famous for their fiestas and this is one of the biggies. First of all, it starts at 4 in the morning. Yeah, that’s right. Starts. Second, it boasts of one night with the largest quantity of fireworks in the whole year. And folks, we are in Mexico where fireworks are an art form. Sleep? Pointless. Might as well sign on for a wicked party.

San Miguel is named after St. Mike making him the patron saint of the city. The day of celebration is the feast of St. Mike, however these are party people, so the festivities may last for a week or more (my kind of people.) So when is this rocking event so you can run out and buy a plane ticket? Whammy! It was last weekend. But in honor of all you fabulous readers out there I rallied for the cause and drank enough tequila for all of us.

Saint Mike, the Archangel, is pretty much the meanest, leather-clad biker of the angel world. God picked this tough as nails angel to fight Lucifer (AKA El Diablo) and exile him to hell. Just as a side note, the next time you want to tell someone to go to hell you can just call in St. Mike, the first Hell’s Angel. Processions carry the image of St. Mike to various churches to bless them and music and dance follows from place to place.

The culmination of this enormous party is the fireworks show that represents the aforementioned battle. It happens at dawn (el alborada in Spanish), at the moment when the light overtakes the darkness. Man, do they know how to light some fireworks in this place! It never ceases to amaze me. They don’t even need the sun to win the fight. Just an ample supply of tequila.