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An Iguana's Guide to the Perfect Party

There is no bad season for a party, at least in our book, and fall certainly is a time of abundant festivities. The question is how to throw a rocking party without putting yourself through days of grief to put it on. So we’ve researched the balance of how to throw a great party (and exactly which tequila to serve) while still keeping your sanity.

First let’s talk about planning. We’ve got an easy rule for you: the more people you plan to have, the less complicated your food and drinks should be. To plan, assume each guest will drink 2 cocktails an hour for the length of the party. Be sure you have a cab service number ready for all those drunkies, too. And without fail, you must invite the neighbors (even if you don’t like them) so you don’t have to deal with noise complaints and your party can roar all night (if that’s what you’re into …we know we are.)

Next, on to setup. Not everyone has a bar in their house (those are just the incorrigible party animals) but many spaces are perfect to turn into makeshift bars. A simple folding table in a corner of the main party room works fine. It only needs to things to work: accessibility without blocking a walkway. Through a cloth over it and lay out everything you got (Mind’s out of the gutter please! We’re talking about drinks and garnishes!) Everything is easier if you make options that combine easily and use the same garnishes. Then think: glasses, wine opener, knife for cutting garnishes, and paper towels for emergency spill clean-up.

Often overlooked is the dire importance of ice supply. If you run out of ice, your party is sure to run into problems. More ice = less drunk and more hydrated which in turn = more time hanging at your party. Another important key is music, although you don’t want to get stuck playing DJ all night either, so be sure to make a playlist before the party or tune in to an online music station that plays a genre you like. Another fun option is to ask friends to bring instruments and let an organic jam session ensue.

Finally when choosing what to serve, think for the season. Frozen margaritas aren’t the choice for winter, just like White Russians are a no-go for summer. For the fall and winter chill, warm items are the choice – both those that are served hot and those that heat you up. Great drink options are the Brave Bull, the Bloody Maria, or Hot Spiked Cider.  Snack ideas might include fondue, spicy dips, bacon wrapped shrimp, and mini nut crusted cheese balls.