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An Iguana's Guide to Tequila Misconceptions

Here are a couple of frequent misconceptions about Tequila.

1.    Tequila has a worm in it. 

No it does not. That’s ridiculous. Mescal may have a worm (or another variety of insect or arthropod) because it isn’t regulated like tequila. As a matter of fact, I recently tried a mescal with a scorpion in it. Talk about ballsy.

2.    All tequila is pretty much the same. 

 Incorrect. There are four types of tequila: blanco (also called silver), reposado (rested for a short time), añejo (aged), and mixto (AKA crap.) Blanco is the strongest and purest (think firey-fresh.) It’s clear. Reposado and añejo are smoother and have a yellowish tone due to the aging in wooden barrels. Mixto should be drunk under no circumstance, unless someone has a gun to your head or you’re a masochist.

3.    Tequila makes you hallucinate. 

Again, where do you get your information? Truly preposterous. This myth takes root in the similarity between mescal and mescaline which are actually derived from different plants all together. While mescal comes from a different kind of agave than tequila, mescaline comes from peyote. Believe us, it’s a different trip altogether.

4.    We have Mexicans to thank for Tequila.

True and not. While Mexico is responsible for fermenting the agave, it’s actually the Spanish we have to thank for distilling it into tequila. Apart from raping their women and lands, the Spanish did come up with the bright idea to make “agave-beer” a stronger, forget-your-woes sort of libation.

5.    Tequila is meant to be shot.

And so are you. Tequila is a fine spirit that should be sipped and savored, just like a fine wine, scotch or cognac. Each agave field has unique properties which translate into the individual tequila making it distinct. If you want to really understand tequila take your time with it and don’t try to get frisky by introducing other partners to mix, like lime and salt. Keep it simple and straight. 

Your best love affair has just begun.