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Staying Safe As We Sip

As summer ascends, we enjoy the extra energetic pull from outdoor parties; flitting from one bar to the next drinking your favorite Blue Iguana Tequila like a hummingbird sips his nectar.  We will be listening to our favorite bands as they make their return from tours abroad or as they slowly re-emerge from their winter hibernations (a lot of artists write in the winter).  We will be engaging in summer musical tours, festivals, parties, and other social gatherings amongst friends.  Along with all of our at home, or after party thrills, we will absolutely want you to be having an incredible, but safe, summer!

Uff, I hate being the downer, buuuuut here it comes…did you know that nearly 88,000 people will die from alcohol related deaths this year?  9,967 of those alone are driving fatalities caused by alcohol.  And, 8.7 million underage kids will admit to drinking within the last month?    

With these ugly facts in mind, in this author’s opinion, it is best to give out safety information so you can enjoy your cocktails with style. So, how can you imbibe safely, without abstaining?  Drink more slowly and more responsibly?  Drinking should be classy and safe, not fast and cheap. 

So, how does one drink safely?

•    Serve your drinks with appetizers or snacks, this will help prevent liquor from entering your guests' systems too quickly.

•    “Cultivate taste rather than quantity.”  Drink higher quality liquors (like Blue Iguana Tequila) and take pride in your class, versus quantity

•    Appoint a designated driver.

•    Space out your drinks and have water or something non-alcoholic in-between your next drink.  If you’re going to host a party, make non-alcoholic beverages fun and tasty; there are lots of great non-alcoholic drinks out there to enjoy between cocktails.

•    And if you are drinking, mixing other drugs can be incredibly dangerous.  Please don’t mix drugs…. Enjoy the natural flavors of your high quality liquors instead.

Tequila, may I remind you, is meant to be sipped and enjoyed in a classy fashion, not shot. Though licking, salt and lime can feel like a sexy tradition, it’s really not as classy as it feels.