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Welcome to Blue Iguana Blog

We, here at Blue Iguana, hope that you’ll take an opportunity to get to know us. We even think you might want to be our friend.  We’re not just using up your precious neurons for nothing; we have more than tequila to sell. Above and beyond facts about the lip-smacking beverage we offer, we’ll cover the gamut from finger-licking recipes to travel stories that transport you to surprising spots in the globe where tequila is sure to appear. We might even try to get a laugh out of you. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll get to know me, Mittie Iguana, a devious reptile bound to turn up wherever there is trouble.

Our company is based in San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO world heritage site, 6,700 feet up in the Sierra Madres. Apart from a killer view, we have 15th century colonial architecture, cobble stone roads, police on horseback and frequent festivities in our picturesque town center, the Jardin. It’s not a bad place to be, much less to drink a salt-rimmed watermelon and cucumber margarita. Our ex-pat population would agree.  
As for Blue Iguana Tequila, there’s no going wrong with a gold-medal winning distiller. It doesn’t take a mammal to figure that out. So we hope you’ll take the time to kick back, sip some of my namesake’s libation and peek briefly into the world of tequila.